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Having been through many wellness programs over the decades, I’m a huge fan of spa vacationing. This resort has a unique twist from most destination spa resorts.

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Author: Enlightened Spa Review

I am a wife, a mother, and a modern Buddhist, living the dream. I am focused on finding happiness everyday, no matter the activites of life. My passions include shoe shopping, spa services, travel, technology, golf, mixology, and cooking. I strive to use my meditation practice in all my activities for the benefit of myself and others. I would like to share my love for people and thier inspiration in my life, with you. I will not settle for anything ordinary, and neither should you.

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    1. Thanks for checking out my blog. It is a beautiful thing to take a vacation somewhere like the Greenbrier. It is like Alice in Wonderland. You would have a million design inspirations for your blog after one visit. The Dorothy Draper design throughout the resort is 1110% on the commitment scale. I really hope you get to visit sometime. Let me know if you do!

    1. Rachel, I hope you remedy your spaless life soon! hehe Let me know if I can point you in the right direction on your next vacation. The Greenbrier has something for everyone and truly a world-class spa. I hope you get to experience it!

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