How do I do it all? I don’t.

As a former hard-core, medical sales rep, learning to say “NO” was my first step to opening bigger, better doors. I’m sharing these wise words from my friend, Michelle Rogers Healthy Living.

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How do I do it all? I don’t.

April 2, 2015 By Michelle Rogers 3 Comments

Like most other women I know, I’m busy. Between working full time, running a business part-time, doing this blog, taking care of my family and home, studying for my CPT, and trying to take care of myself, too — let’s face it, it’s hard to keep up.

I’m a list maker and Post-it lover, and that helps in terms of organizing. However, it can also be a source of stress to see a long list of what needs doing, knowing it’s hopelessly unrealistic to be able to get it all done.

This used to stress me out a lot, and sometimes still does. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not going to be able to get it all done…at least not in the timeframe I might like. And frankly, I’m weary of trying to keep up.

Maybe we just have to accept that we can’t do it all.

I’ve been doing some thinking lately about how to alleviate the daily overload. Some strategies I’m implementing include:

Say “no” more
Turn down additional work if I should, even if it means losing money
Be far more selective about the projects and clients I do take on
Be realistic about what I can accomplish
Refocus on the goals that are most important to me
Prioritize ruthlessly — decide what must be done today. Does a task actually have to be done right now, or is it just that I’d like it to be done?
Realize that some things on my to-do list will need to be late, or simply may not get done right now
Release guilt about not being able to keep up
Stop comparing myself to others
Let it go
And most of all, I need to pare down my list. Life it too short to spend it just trying to keep up!
One activity I refuse to compromise on, however, is my daily workout. It’s non-negotiable, just like getting up or going to work. But how do I ensure that I can fit that in, with everything else going on in my life? By scheduling my workout for 5:30 every weekday morning. It’s simple, really: I do it first, and get it done. No matter what else the day throws at me, my workout is finished. Working out early, at a set time every day, has been a crucial key to my success at fitness and weight loss and to my physical and emotional well-being.

How do you keep up with your commitments? Do you try to “do it all,” or have you given up on this notion? Please share your thoughts and strategies in the comments!

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Busy Is A Sickness

This is a huge health concern! When I was fitted for my custom dental trays to deal with teeth grinding, filled my 1st script for migraine medicine and made my way into a shrinks to talk about stress, a light finally went off! I came to terms with this busyness business nearly nine years ago when I found my meditation practice. It is an ongoing process to continue this mindfulness. Thank you for the reminder and also spreading the word. This is a huge health concern. I no longer identify myself as busy “the medical sales rep,” or “the stressed out step mom.” I don’t take any slack for “sitting and doing nothing” either!!! I did a 180…nine years later my life looks like this…and I could not be happier.

Enjoy the Silence, Abhyanga Massage at Blue Heaven Spa

Enjoy the Silence, Abhyanga Massage at Blue Heaven Spa.

Enjoy the Silence, Abhyanga Massage at Blue Heaven Spa

Blue Heaven Spa uses Ayurevedic techniques as a holistic approch to help balance your body, soul, and mind. The staff helped me determine what my goals for treatment were prior to my arrival in the spa. In my case, stress relief and treatment of a sore lower back were at the top of my list. I booked the Abhyanga and the Katti Basti treatments back to back, based on that phone consultation.

Abhyanga Massage is an ancient massage technique within the Ayuredic method of healing. Prior to my one hour massage, I met with Heather, my knowlegable Ayurvedic therapist. We discussed my current health. This consoletation was much longer and more indepth than previous spa consulations I have encountered. We discussed my body, mental wellness, and diet. She was not rushed and she spend a good deal of time talking with me about the treatments while I enjoyed some tea in the pretty relaxation room.

Relaxation Room with a beautiful mountain view.
Relaxation Room with a beautiful mountain view.

Heather began my treatment with a rhythmic massage of my scalp in an upright, seated position at the end of the massage table, facing her. The treatment is quite intimate due to the silence in the room. I was also not use to having eye to eye contact with a therapist. Heather instructed me not to talk during my massage during my consultation, and that she would remain silent as well. I found this silence a little uneasy for me at first. My conversation with Heather prior to my treatment helped answer the many questions I had. The information she shared with me, allowed me to ease into a peaceful state and enjoy the treatment. The silence was part of the philisophy of the treatment. I was repositioned, face down and warm sesame oil was massaged into my body to help release toxins and relax the nervous system. The strokes were not unlike a Swedish massage, long, slow, and a light to medium pressure.

I have had hundreds of massages over the years but this was my first one done in complete silence. Because of my meditation practice, I was comfortable with silence, but I can imagine that is might seem odd to someone who has only visited a typical Western spa with the usual sounds of nature or light music playing in the back ground. It is in this silence that we can look inward and reflect.This treatment was ment to treat the mind as well. Many thoughts came to my mind about my body, spirituality, and my idea of what massage is, and can be. It was amazing to receive authentic Ayuvedic treatments in such an beautiful setting. In Boone of all places!

Mindfulness sets the tone at this spa.
Mindfulness sets the tone at this spa.

At the conclusion of my first treatment I was covered with a warm blanket and left to rest while my therapist  prepared the dough dam to be used in my next treatment for my back. This time on the table in silence provided me a profound meditation. I felt a sense of equinimity with other spiritual practitioners and a deep sense of respect for thier practices. I sank into my setting and enjoyed the serenity. I could see the beautiful mountains through the window. I was in a very peaceful state.


Have you every experienced an Ayurvedic spa treatment and what was your thoughts on it?


No special consideration was given to me other than being a paid guest at the Blue Heaven Spa. This is my life.


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